Big hearts, big emotions – your wedding day will have a story of its own. I am very happy to capture this story and be your observant and mindful companion on this special day. It is my mission to give you the chance to re-live the overwhelming sensations and small, intimate moments of your wedding day.

My name is Simon, I am a photographer and filmmaker, and I will turn your wedding into lasting memories – on photographs as well as in a feature movie, if you wish. Love knows no boundaries. If your hearts fell for each other, it makes no difference where you’re from. I have documented more than 200 wedding and each one is unique. I love the experience of enriching each other’s lives with different cultural perspectives.

Maybe your wedding will be a symbol of your different backgrounds? Maybe you’re planning to fuse your traditions and create something new? Or you will be introducing your new families to some of the rituals of your home place? Whatever your background, I will be happy to be on your side – as if I was your old friend who happened to come with his camera. If you need support with organizing your ceremony and party in Berlin or Brandenburg, I am happy to help and connect you to other service providers.